Soul Jazz Records presents - Chicago Soul: New Sound of Chicago in the 1960s (Vinyl)
Soul Jazz Records Presents

Soul Jazz Records presents - Chicago Soul: New Sound of Chicago in the 1960s (Vinyl)

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Toss another feather in the cap of Soul Jazz Records, here providing an introduction to the urban blues and soul sounds of Chess Records in Chicago. Many of America's most defining recordings were developed around the Mississippi river, and the extensive liner notes here illuminate the pathways and partnerships between the music coming from the Delta and the labels that published the cuts in Chicago. With the Chess brothers establishing A+R and distribution connections in Tennessee and Louisiana, as well as in Muscle Shoals, Alabama these recordings are the product of a fertile time when labels inspired one another as peers and competitors. The scope here is fairly wide and the selection is absolutely top notch. The set leads with Howlin' Wolf and a gang of guitarists slaying Willie Dixon's "Evil(1)," followed by burning cuts from Bo Diddley with "Another Sugar Daddy(2)," Etta James' "Tell Mama(3)," and the Soulful Strings' "Burning Spear(4)." And that's just the first side! My current favorite on the comp is Gene Chandler's version of "In My Body's House(5)," a Curtis Mayfield composition that would be renamed "Hard Times" when cut by Baby Huey for Mayfield' s Curtom label. Chandler produces and personalizes an already unstoppable track, quite a feat considering Curtis' vocal phrasing and emotion are almost incomparable. Other notables include the classic rare-groove number "Baltimore Oriole(6)" by Lorez Alexander, Dorothy Ashby's "Soul Vibrations(7)" and the Rotary Connection's "Memory Band" with 20 tracks total spread over 2 LPs. I honestly don't feel as though I'm being overzealous or a salesman when I say this compilation is essential. Get it involved in your life.

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